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Find inspiration from Christian Burns’ motivational phrase, “One More”.

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In the words of his sister Sarah Burns:

One winter break I came home from college to find a weight room in place of where a pool table used to be. I rolled my eyes at Christian, jokingly telling him that I was still stronger. He took me up on my challenge and I quickly learned that I had to try my hardest just to beat him in an arm wrestling contest – my two arms against his one. He was no longer my baby brother.

Christian’s desire to be bigger and stronger for football, along with the motivation to lift more than his big brothers, sparked the remodel of our basement. Using just masking tape and scissors, Christian carefully made a motivational sign for himself in his new weight room. It read, “One More.” “One More” is much more than a phrase or a weight room motivation. As it was for Christian, “One More,” can be found in any part of your life. The hundreds of you that have a “One More” bracelet should think of Christian and do one more rep. Strive to be like Christian and make one more friend. Think of Christian when you are training for a marathon and need to do one more mile. Do one more math problem before a test. Tell one more joke. Give one more hug. Smile at one more person, who may need it more than you will ever know. Whatever it may be that betters you and those around you, find the goodness and passion within it, and find your way to live your “One More.”